Software Industry
Over a decade of experience in this industry has brought forward some harsh realities. One of which is "They don't practice what they preach". A major chunk of software industry growth can be attributed to standards, legislations that require a framework to operate within, but if you look at software industry itself such accountability is rare. Software was considered an 'art' form till quite recently, but now we have realised that there can be a fixed co-efficient in software development so as to manage the resources better. We at Convexon have been doing this for years now, making software development and management more tangible for our customers.

Mobile Devices
Every device that moves falls under this category as per our framework. We see everything connected and converging into an extension of self. Technology should solve real problems, save real money and impact real people.

Giving children a feel of real world within a safe environment is what the toys should be about. Computer gaming has provided the much needed flight of fantasy for the young minds. We think now is the time to ground them with real world as well.
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